Starburst or Sun flare Photography

Sun flare photography can be an interesting topic to read about. They really add beauty to your clicked photos.

There are no rules with sun flares, they’re all about creativity. You can capture them at any time of day.

Aperture Setting – The sun flares can look sharp, more defined when you use small aperture, eg F/22 & it can look soft when the aperture setting is wide ie f/5.6.So this is the first & most imp tip.

Use the Aperture Mode on camera dial : Switching to this mode will help the photographer to quickly switch apertures and see the difference it makes to sun flares.

You can choose to click during different time of the day (eg sunrise or sunset or daytime) to get different color effects.

In order to capture the flare, one need to partially hide the sun – eg it can be behind the tree branches,fence,or any other object.

To get unique compositions move around the object & look for unique compositions. It’s important to take lots of pictures. You’ll learn how much sun to include, in relation to the amount of flare you want.

Using ND filters can also help to control the light & keep the colors rich in the photo. Also in low light conditions to capture such effect it is recommended to use a tripod.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience about this cool technique. Now you can also try to achieve it  by learning a few simple settings & knowing the proper situations for capturing such sun flare or starbursts.

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