Springtime Photography made easy

Spring – the change in the season is a magical time for such photography. With so many beautiful elements of this season, you may want to know few photo tips and ideas to help make your snap the best. Spring of course accompanies flowers blooming. This dramatic change in the nature allows you as a photographer to tell the story of a place afresh, just as nature restarts again for another year.

Here I am sharing few tips from my experience.Springtime Photography

# You can try to click some “bokeh photo shots”. A flower in foreground with a nice bokeh background. You can use a prime lens to get a better photo of such type.

# Look for Patterns – that are offered by nature. The flowers can be a nice source for capturing such shots

# Background – can really create more impact to your photos. Shooting up at the sky on a clear & sunny day will give a blue background & give it an interesting aspect.

#The Light – can make wonders to your photo clicks. The way it may shine through flower petals can give you nice details, as the sunlight picks up all the textures of the flower.

# The flower beds & areas with many blossoming trees can make for some amazing spring photography. Capturing the wider scene in frame & and spring flowers in the foreground.

# Try creative compositions & frames to bring an interesting perspective to your photo.

So friends I encourage you to step out & enjoy the fresh spring season. Happy Photographing to you.

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