Professional Portraits: Tips and Equipments

Are you thinking to build your career in portrait photography? If yes, then you are at the right place! This article is for all those beginners who want to hold the camera for the perfect shot.  Well, Portrait Photography is not a hard nut to crack but at the same time it’s not a piece of cake. So before commencing your career in Portrait photography, you should be aware of the equipments used in capturing the pictures and it’s know- how.

Top 5 Valuable Tips for Portrait Photography

  1. It’s all about the Expressions

Best resolution camera and effects will do nothing if the facial expression is not matching the subject of the photography. Expression should fulfil the purpose of photography.  The connection between the subject and the camera should be depicted clearly by the expression of the subject.

  1. What’s your focus-point?

Roll your camera and focus point towards the most important details of the portrait- eyes and face. These two points capture the image from all the points in best possible way.

  1. Light

Natural lights are more appealing and attracting than the artificial light. In order to achieve the best lightening effect, allow the subject to face the light source. Window light, street lights or lights coming from the end of the street will give the best shot

  1. Lens

Choosing the appropriate focal length is very significant. The focal length has the ability to deform the subject’s head in either way. The longer the focal lengths, the more flattering it is for the subject and the shallower the DOF (Depth of field) will be.

  1. Choosing perfect colours

Colours are the lifeline of any photograph. Choosing the right colour, tone and background is very essential for an effective photography.

What are the equipments to be used for portrait photography?

  • Cameras
  • Lenses – Prima Lens Prefered
  • Tripods
  • Studio Lighting
  • Large Soft boxes
  • Laptop

Wrap up!

Well, I hope these important tips about Portrait Photography assisted you in building your base. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and capture the beauty in your frame!

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