Portrait Photography Hacks

Not all of us have the luxury of owning expensive lighting gear. We also don’t all have access to a fully equipped photography studio. We all can, however, find a window somewhere! You can click beautiful images with just your camera &  no other equipment & investment by using the natural light source.

Make sure the distance between your subject & the window is a just a few feet away in order to yield the perfect light. If your subject is too close to the window then it can lead to higher lighting on the face & if the subject is too far then it will reduce the light effect making the image look dull. You can make your subject pose near the window with a slight angle & shoulder facing towards the window.

Tip: Bigger window will help more light to wrap around your subject.

One more important aspect here is the direction of the sun. If the sunlight is directly glaring in then it will create too much shadows on your subjects face. In this situation find another window in your house/surrounding where the light will make magical photos.

So my friends hope my experience sharing will help you to take better photos with the available light that’s built right into your house. All you need to do is experiment a bit more & enjoy clicking & creating such amazing shots at the same time.



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