My experience of Abstract Photography

I am relatively new to this concept but it definitely interests me a lot. The reason being I just love composing differently & it definitely helps to broaden my perspective. You have to look really around the place as everything can make for an interesting image.

The  magic in the mind that creates the image and the camera just records it!

I clicked the above image with a macro lens & all I used to get this composition was a colorful wall & placing the bottle horizontally on the floor. I intentionally made the focus blur to give the image a different look.

This was  a ” very thoughtful” intentional camera movement to take you all  into the world of abstraction & make it look like Everything old is new again.

If you like to do something with passion, don’t be afraid to invest a little time (or a lot), energy and a little money into that thing. You don’t know what amazing things you can discover and achieve with it & where it can lead you.

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