Macro Vs Close up photos – What’s the real difference ?

One of the finest aspects of photography is its capability to capture something extremely minute like an ant so closely that you can even count its legs. But wait! Do you really know the difference between the close up photography and macro photography? There is a lot of perplexity going around between these two synonyms. Technically speaking, Macro Photography is far cry from close up photography

Let’s discuss the difference between the two:

Macro Photography

Everything lies in the magnification ratio of the camera we are using. For Real Macro Photography, the magnification ratio must be at least 1:1 or greater. It implies if the object you’re capturing in real life is two inches long, then it will look exactly that big to our camera’s sensor. Another aspect of the macro photography is that it can make the object appear many times bigger than its actual size.

When it comes to close up photography, we get confused as both the terms seems similar and one can’t identify between the two by looking at the object images clicked by both the lenses. However, when the magnification ratio is less than 1:1, then it falls under close up photography. In Close up photography, the object image appears smaller than the real object. So we can say that it’s the game of magnification ratio that makes all the difference.

So guys, by now the never ending debate of macro and close up photography must be ended after reading my article.  Next time when you hold the lenses, do remember to adjust the lenses for macro and close up shots!

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