Interesting know how about Plant photography

Friends, do you know plants can offer great photographic opportunities to any photographer.

I find them so inspiring as they are beautiful creation of god & help us in creating more art with while being clicked. They are really easy & convenient subjects during any photo walks .Even though they look very ordinary but can sometimes help to create beautiful photos. The change in them in inevitable in every season & it is unique too.

Plant photographyAll you need to have is your camera, an appropriate lens & the plants to complete such kind of photography & not to forget a photographers’ creative vision. This can make your shoot more unique & creative.

So as you begin clicking don’t just look the plant as whole to get them clicked. Look at some unique features out there & get them in frame. Make use of photography techniques viz composing differently, taking advantage of available light,shadows,using different focus frames, etc.

For me I got the best photo when I looked at the symmetry & the texture the leaf created. Look for interesting patterns in sunlight & you will definitely find the beauty the plants can offer to make your photo clicks more beautiful.

Here I am sharing a photo clicked by me. Whenever I look at it I get a real “refreshing” feeling from that photo.

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