How to direct your subject during portrait photography session

Hi Friends…Sharing some of my learnings that can help you to direct your portrait photoshoot session & can help to make it more effective. 

# A photographer’s mood on the day of the shoot is going to have a huge impact on your subject. If you want the subject you photograph to look and feel relaxed then you should look and feel relaxed too.

# Most people’s favorite topic of conversation is themselves. Ask questions, be interested and really listen to their answers. Engaging with your subject during the shoot will make them more comfortable.

# Prepare & Prepare should be the aim of the photographer. He/she should be the first person to arrive & the last person to leave the venue. Also have initial preparation before the photoshoot viz some sample poses , props, etc worked out in advance.

# A photographer can explain in a friendly manner to their subject about how to pose. This will make the subject more comfortable & also gets some ideas about effective posing & a sense of being directed.

# Use Visual rather than Verbal Cues while your subject to posing. You can better explain it by posing yourself rather than saying move your right shoulder a bit towards the camera.

# Have a positive conversation with your subject & also applaud them while they pose for you. It create a positive situation during the photoshoot.

There are many more things one will explore during such photoshoots with their subjects. I am thankful to all my subjects who are now friends for helping me pen down this wonderful experience. Hope you have enjoyed reading it too.


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