How To Achieve Nice Bokeh

You are so Bokehlecious …. Confused is it !!

I hereby present my first blog on Bokeh Photography. It is all about bringing the beauty in the blur.

Whenever I walked down the streets with my camera I could not stop myself from framing these beautiful lights & making them more picture perfect.

So you must be wondering what is Bokeh Photography – it is aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur created in a photograph.

This image is a combination of how it is composed & using the right lens.

Using Portrait lenses (that are fast lenses) like 50 mm, 85 mm help to create beautiful bokehs. The smaller the aperture / f number, larger the lens opening allowing the light to enter through the lens. Click these photos by adjusting the lens manually instead of Auto Focus (AF) so that you control what you click & give some rest to your gadget.

Additionally you can also click photos by placing your subject in the foreground with a wonderful Bokeh background.

To add more to the creativity to this, I made paper cut outs of different shapes (eg heart shaped, diamond shaped etc.) & simply placed them in front of the lens hood. It gives a different perspective & helps to get more interesting photo frames.

Happy bokeh-ing!

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  1. Om said:

    I have been wondering on how a Bokeh is clicked and you made it simple to understand. will try it out myself, else will come to you for a training session in Photography!

    November 1, 2017

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