5 Pointers to an Amazing Pre-Wedding shoot for every kind of Couple

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Wedding season is on its way and so the demand of passionate Photographers! So you can contact me anytime for Pre-Wedding shoots!

Pre-Wedding shoots! A shoot to remember for a lifetime, a shoot to capture the most beautiful phase of your life!

The wedding is all about photographs and the first thing that hits our mind when we are about to get married is the Pre-Wedding shoot!

Pre-Wedding photoshoot depicts the most memorable moments of your life. It truly reflects the kind of bonding and love you share with your partner.

So if you are confused about like what to wear and where to shoot for your pre-wedding shoot, then don’t worry, here I have handpicked with great tips for your Pre-Wedding Shoot:

1. Kind of shoot or pictures you wish to have.

“A picture speaks a thousand words” and your Pre-Wedding album can reflect your bonding with each other. After selecting your Photographer, next question that raises our eyebrows is the choice of best click for the photoshoot.

Some couple wants to shoot at the location where they first met or proposed to each other while some couples prefer historical moments for capture. Some want to be captured only for Social Media channels.

Discuss your concerns with your photographer and ask for the advice. Being a photographer he will know better about the location and the theme.
Below are some of the examples of kind of pictures you can have:

  • Sunrise and Sunset pics.
  • Photographs against historical monuments.
  • Pictures showing your funny side as a couple.
  • Photographs depicting love between the couple.

2. Book a Photographer you love.

Every Photographer is unique in his own way. The Way of observation and shooting is different for every Photographer. So select the Photographer that suits your interests as a couple. Don’t just pick up the Photographer, do your research, look at their Photography gallery to get a sense of their quality and style, read their reviews and then take a decision.

3. Outfit to wear for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Outfit plays the essential role in Pre-Wedding photoshoot. Your outfit decides the environment in which you are shooting. Once you decide the location where you want to be photographed you can take suggestions from the Photographer about the best outfit that suits the location and the theme.

  • For Historical place, instead of wearing casual wear go for traditional outfit.
  • For silhouette kind of pictures wear slightly hugging clothes so that your perfect body shape is seen.
  • Couples can wear Complimenting colors to match the environment.
  • Avoid wearing glossy or shiny clothes.
  • Prefer wearing dark , bold and plain designed attires.

4. Selection of Location and time

Some locations appear best at daylight while some at moonlight. Some locations are free to shoot while some may charge a heavy buck. It all depends on the mood, theme and the kind of pictures you want to click. If you prefer to be clicked in sunset, then go for the location that looks beautiful in sunset time.

5. Select one Photographer for all your Wedding events

When you book different Photographers, it may be possible that you get repeat poses or it can happen that one Photographer is not delivering according to your expectations

When you book a Pre-Wedding and Wedding with same Photographer, you may get a combo pack and an attractive discount.
Also, you form a sense of trust and bonding with the same Photographer and he also began to understand you completely by the time he shoots your Wedding events.

Wrap Up!

So guys if you loved my blog and please don’t forget to share your views and to know more about photography keep reading my blogs!



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